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SAP CRM is the CRM tool provided by SAP and is used for many a business process.
SAP CRM is a part of SAP business suite. It can implement customized business processes, integrate to other SAP and non-SAP systems, help achieve CRM strategies.
SAP CRM can help an organization to stay connected to customers. This way organization can achieve customer expectations with the types of services and products that he or she actually needs.
It also helps to achieve 'Single face to customer', which means the customer get regular & actual information independent of channel through which the he or she is contacting your company.

SAP CRM Overview

As a part of SAP Business Suite, SAP provides solutions which are flexible and open, and which support applications, databases, hardware platforms, & operating systems from most of the major vendors.
Following SAP solutions are the constituents of SAP Business Suite:
• SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management
• SAP PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
• SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management
• SAP SRM –Supplier Relationship Management
• SAP ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
SAP Business Suite is based on SAP NetWeaver .NetWeaver provides the development and runtime environment for SAP applications and is used for the custom development and integration with other applications and systems.


SAP CRM – The Customer Engager:

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and is a set of methodologies and tools that helps to manage customer relationship in an organized way.
In today’s highly competitive business environment, the focus of top companies is increasing on its most valuable assets – customers. Thus, the companies require a suitable software solution to cater to its customers which is user-friendly, easily customizable, fully integrated, and can be implemented flexibly.
Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy for optimizing customer interactions. It helps in understanding your customers, their needs and requirements. Consummate Technologies has vast expertise in implementing CRM for your existing models to enable better customer retention. With our industry supremacy and SAP knowledge, you can expect to outgrow your present potential.


Consummate Technologies Expertise in SAP CRM:

Consummate Technologies has been a game changer when it comes to software and related applications. We understand SAP technologies in and out and CRM is one of the core suite that we have extensively worked upon. CRM can be a tricky software suite to be understood and applied. Although the usability is quite high, our skilled software professionals can fine-tune the existing models and help you with SAP CRM applications and understanding. With our flexible approach, and technical ‘know-how’ of the subject matter, the entire transformation process can be a smooth one for you and your company.

SAP C4C Overview

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud offering from SAP that runs on the SAP HANA cloud platform. This cloud CRM combines sales, customer, service, and social selling tools, which enables sales representatives to interact with customers in more meaningful ways and develop strong personal connections that allow for improved engagement across all the communication channels. SAP C4C focuses on an improved and easy user experience that is based on the Fiori design principles.


SAP C4C Key Points:

- SAP Cloud for Customer solution is available from June 20, 2011.
- SAP C4C is available in 19 languages as on May 2015.
- You can easily integrate C4C solution to SAP ECC, CRM and Outlook using SAP NW Process Integration or SAP HANA Cloud Integration HCI for standard scenarios. - SAP C4C is a new product of SAP based on SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). - SAP C4C connecters are available for popular middleware like Dell Boomi for cloud integration, Informatica, MuleSoft for application integration etc.


Implementation Of SAP Hybris Digital CRM (C4C) :

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloude solution. Offer a new way to engagement with customers with completely new, collaborative in social plateform and outlook using plug-ins.No double calender maintenance with your existing office/mil tool and C4C.


The following are the modules C4C offers in various license types:

• Marketing & Sales
• Service
• Ecommerce
• Social Engagement
• Analytics
C4C cloude system can be integrated with ERP and CRM on real time basis using HANA Cloude Integration on HANA Cloude Plateform. By the way of integration, existing CRM users still have the flexibility to work with their existing Process setup in combination with new age, device friendly and on the move access of C4C. Consummate Technologies implemented C4C for multiple clients in india and Middle East using SAP Active methodology.





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