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An ORACLE database is a collection of data treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management. In general, a server reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data. All this is accomplished while delivering high performance. A database server also prevents unauthorized access and provides efficient solutions for failure recovery.

Oracle Brief

ORACLE Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications. Enterprise grid computing creates large pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers. With this architecture, each new system can be rapidly provisioned from the pool of components. There is no need for peak workloads, because capacity can be easily added or realocated from the resource pools as needed.

The Solution is Consummate Tech Oracle support database consulting services. Where we provide, design, implement and administer, maintenance, proactive monitoring, fine tune, emergency service, & best practices to any Oracle database with our 10+ years of experience team in Oracle.

Consummate Tech also provides services for application from designing and architecting new database systems to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems. We do remote monitoring of the OS, database, Oracle application server, and Oracle support Applications which allows us to collect and provide automated analysis of all Oracle database statistics, on a predetermined schedule or as-needed basis.

Consummate Tech utilize a primary assigned technician for each client. This technician works closely with the client contact to better understand the client’s business and technical requirements and plans. This allows us to provide true consulting services that meet the organization’s goals.

Consummate Tech have deep skills on Oracle EBS Application, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel and Oracle Fusion across all industry verticals. We have been acquiring knowledge for sustained learning and development programmes from Oracle University on new technology and products like Demantra, Government Regulation Compliance (GRC), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) middleware, Fusion Architecture, etc.

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Benefits of Consummate Tech’s Oracle Services:

  1. 1. Cost reduction
  2. 2. Increased up time
  3. 3. Take remedial tasks of existing staff, so they can work on more strategic projects
  4. 4. Competitive pricing and custom-tailored services to fit your needs

Our portfolio includes :


Oracle Java

Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded applications, games, web content, and enterprise software. Used by more than 12 million developers worldwide, Java enables you to efficiently develop and deploy exciting applications and services.

Java is one of the most popular and reliable programming language used worldwide for Web development services across a wide range of domains. This programming language is flexible, highly secure and concurrent which makes it a most-used programming language across the globe. Being object oriented programming language it helps to keep system modular, flexible and extensible.

Java can reduce costs, drive innovation, and improve application services as the programming language of choice for IoT, enterprise architecture, and cloud computing.

Consummate Technologies have a pool of talented Java developers for hire which provides a comprehensive solution to your requirements within the desired timeline. Our deep knowledge, great experience and ability to work on any complex and robust requirement enable us to deliver reliable, scalable and platform compatible Java Development solution for your business.

At Consummate Technologies our top java developers with their significant experience and their complete knowledge are serving since last 10+ years. We have been delivering successful products with our hard-working team of professionals. Grounds for delivering successful and reliable products are our in-house talented and efficient java developers who are always ready to accept challenges.

At Consummate Technologies we highly focus on the coding standards and our lead regularly review the source code. We analyze and review your project requirements and select the most experienced resources which are best suited for your project. Our leading Java development team brings technical and real world experience together to provide the most reliable and scalable solution.

Our expert team provides you the best Java development solution to any complex business requirement. Thus we have been delivering successful products within desired timeline and in affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

Oracle DB & Big Data

Oracle DB

Oracle DB & Big Data Recognised as the fast, reliable and secure database that helps users reduce IT cost without compromising on quality of service, the Oracle database is easy to manage and ideal for most company types. Users are able to consolidate their current environment and take their databases to the Oracle cloud, allowing for ease of use of all workloads including enterprise applications, data warehouse and big data analysis.

As an Oracle database specialist company, Consummate Technologies provides committed Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) services to client databases in all parts of the globe. Our DBAs are specially trained in remote DBA support. As remote DBA service providers, they understand client database architecture, and are adept at various monitoring tools and disaster recovery management services. Our remote DBA services take care of your databases in all its phases - from installation and designing, monitoring and load balancing, with failover and disaster recovery management.

Consummate Technologies has a pool of experts in Oracle DBA with them to work as per the client requirement. With the help of our personalized services we will help the Oracle technology using organizations in securing your database. Oracle Database Administration is the most effective administration service which helps in maintaining secured and progressive database. Oracle Database Administration services are mostly includes regular backup,security and progressive. At Consummate Technologies we take care of all your Oracle Database concerns.


  • Installing, creating and upgrading an Oracle database service.
  • Managing Database Storage.
  • User security administration and implementing Oracle database security.
  • Managing schema objects.
  • Configuring Oracle Network Environment.
  • Performing database backups and recovery.

Big Data

Consummate Technologies is the top Big Data analytics service provider company helping clients capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data.

We help you to define a Big Data strategy and choose appropriate technologies that complement your existing data warehouse.

Our Big Data analytics help in analyzing the voluminous information to provide you the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. Our data scientists have a unique approach to develop a solution that analyzes each piece of information before taking any critical business decision.

Oracle simplifies big data. Our big data solutions enable you to manage both traditional and new data sets on a single cloud platform. Connect to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and more than 2,000 software-as-a- service (SaaS) applications. Put your data to work with predictive analytics models, dashboards, and machine learning capabilities.

What Can Consummate Technologies Do with Oracle’s Big Data Platform?

Big data integration

Bring in different types of data—from batch to streaming—and transform it so that others can consume it.

Big data management:

Store and process your data on a data leak more efficiently, securely, and reliably by using object storage instead of HDFS. Then integrate with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

Big data analysis

Uncover new insights with analytics and visualization and build models using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Big Data Integration

Bring all of the different types of data in your organization. Whether its data at rest or data in motion, internal data, or external data, all of your data must be moved and prepared so that others can consume it.

Big Data Management

The cloud offers a better data lake than the traditional, on-premises Hadoop approach. Replace MapReduce and HDFS with Apache Spark and object storage for a far superior data lake. You’ll gain increased agility, improved stability, and a lower cost of ownership.

Big Data Analytics

Whether it’s simple visualizations to powerful machine-learning algorithms, insights come when you apply the right analytics to all of your data. Make your data available to everyone, from executives using voice commands or data scientists using notebook technology.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is the most powerful, unified cloud solution available today. Oracle is the only vendor that provides a complete, integrated stack for the cloud and is therefore unique in the market compared to its competitors.

The public cloud is maturing. It is powering business transformations across the globe. By utilizing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) customers are now able to have more flexible, scalable and agile environments than ever before.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides customers with a cost-effective platform for achieving their desired business outcomes.

Why Oracle ?

1. Fastest and cheapest

2. Reliability and High Availability

3. Defense-in-Depth Security

4. Rapid deployment options

5. Unified PaaS on Single Architecture

6. Fully Autonomous PaaS

7. Hybrid, Multi-Cloud PaaS

8. Flexible, Lowest Costs Pricing Model

9. Customers are able to run Non-Oracle workloads in the Oracle Cloud

10. Customers are able to install a big variety of DB versions

11. Low-latency storage options

12. License mobility from On Premise to the Cloud and use of Universal Credits

Many companies do have a Cloud strategy or an idea about moving to the Cloud. Consummate Technologies helps customers from their first thought about new Cloud steps to really run their workloads/environments in the Oracle Cloud. By following the below process Consummate Technologies makes sure that customers are migrating successfully towards a solid Cloud infrastructure.

During the years our team gained a lot of knowledge regarding Cloud. Consummate Tech is able to help customers with their most complex IT matters and with an expert team of professionals in Oracle Cloud we are always there for our customers.

Oracle CRM & CX

Oracle CRM & CX Today’s business challenge for a company is to synchronize its processes like marketing, sales and support with its customers through cordial relationships, Consummate Technologies customer relationship management CRM system manages company’s business activities through increasing client services and reducing the marketing costs.

Consummate Technologies Reduces the Time to Log Into and Retrieve Information from Oracle CRM.

Let your sales and marketing teams access Oracle CRM from any location. Consummate Technologies accelerates Oracle CRM over distance, making logins immediate and data transfers faster. With Consummate Tech, Oracle CRM performs its best at any remote location.

Consummate Technologies helped the client with

Fastest and cheapest

1. Unified business solution for multiple business units

2. Simplified business processes and increased the productivity of the sales and client execs

3. Robust integration with other line of business applications streamlined the business

4. High visibility of the sales pipeline, marketing Initiatives and client service SLA maintenance

5. Solution allowed the management to monitor the user adoption rate and provide motivation

Why Consummate Technologies for Oracle CX?

Consummate Technologies with its efficient team provides Customer Experience solutions that enable sales, support and marketing personnel to gather detailed information about individual customer needs, enabling them to offer personalized solutions.

Our solution provides customer needs with higher degree of accuracy, through Cloud CX data collection technology.

We engage in bringing the best Cloud CX systems that allows the buyers to extend capabilities as their business demands and customize the solution to their industry.

We provide consistency in the customer services through the Web, social networks, mobile devices.

Our data management in Cloud CX help companies determine which types of strategies to implement respond best to the customer business.

Oracle ERP & E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite:

Oracle ERP & E-Business Suite Consummate provides effective full life cycle implementation and support services for core EBS application modules, reducing overall implementation and support cost in the long run.

Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of Integrated, Global Business Applications that enables Organizations to conduct Business Transactions, make Right Decisions, improve Performance and reduce Costs. With hundreds of Cross-Industry capabilities spanning across Core Operations, Financials, Customer Relationship and Human Capital, Oracle E-Business Suite Applications help Customers manage the complexities of Global Business Environments irrespective of the Organization’s Size and Industry domain.

Our Services for Oracle E-Business Suite:

Consummate proprietary Accelerators and reusable Components help in efficient Implementation and Upgrades of Oracle E-Business Suite. Our strong Application Development skills help our Clients in Enhancing and Materializing the last mile Functionalities. Being a System Integrator, we frequently help our Clients in combining the power of E-Business with other Internal and External Systems. With our firm Analytics Skills, our Clients gain deeper Insights of their Business Data.

Advisory & Consulting:

Solutions Delivery:

Fully Managed Services:


Consummate EBS Configuration Manager provides industry specific configuration templates which help to jump start the Conference Room Pilot (CRP). It also allows quick tweaking of the configuration as per the requirements of a new business unit, which emanate out of business expansion or mergers & acquisitions.

Consummate EBS Implementation Manager provides facilities to catalogue customizations and track changes. It also helps to package and migrate customizations between instances during implementation and global rollouts.


Consummate EBS implementation methodology , perfected through numerous projects, assures seamless project execution. Some of these well tested intellectual properties and competencies are embedded to ensure faster implementation, reduced risks and lowered TCO. Features

1. Best-in-class industry based processes

2. SOA Boot Camp and Visioning

3. Fusion Readiness Assessment

4. Pre-configured

5. XML based data conversion

6. Hot Staging

7. Data Compliance Audit

8. Patch Transport Management

9. Apps Health Check

10. Role based Dashboards

11. Implementation Audit and ROI Analysis


Single Service Provider – During ERP implementations, bringing hardware, software and software integrators together in a tri-partite agreement is a big challenge for organizations. We bring continuity and consistency into an enterprise’s programs by being a single integrated service provider.

Improved Business Processes – The best practices of a combined Oracle-Consummate solution can help you streamline and optimize your business processes. We help customers to navigate critical “customization vs. business process change” decisions and ensure the best outcome for their businesses.

Efficient Implementation – Consummate helps leverage your current staff during implementation. Through such practices, we harvest the existing customer’s business processes and minimize knowledge attrition. This further enriches existing customer team awareness about the solutions being implemented, and this knowledge can be leveraged for future enhancement and system continuity

Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications Businesses of all sizes are running Oracle Applications in the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, improve time-to-market, and lower costs. Consummate Technologies offers a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure platform that enables businesses to quickly launch entire enterprise software stacks from Oracle in the cloud.

Our offerings

Our Oracle application services include turnkey implementations, support and manintence, Oracle e-Business suite, PeopleSoft HCM and Siebel CRM offerings

Cohesive, Highly Secure Architecture

The Consummate Tech offers a scalable, high-performance computing platform for running all Oracle databases and applications. Oracle Applications on Consummate Tech architecture give you built-in reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). This helps to ensure nonstop access to important applications and data at a lower total cost of ownership.

Consummate Technologies networking technology has been accelerating and strengthening security on Oracle solutions for decades. Consummate Technologies extends these benefits with the addition of a high-performance x86 platform optimized for Oracle solutions. This proven combination:

Simplifies deployment of Oracle applications and databases.

Improves Oracle application and database performance.

Accelerates new implementations and upgrades

Enhances operational flexibility, security, and efficiency

Consistent, Integrated Infrastructure

Consummate Technologies is an innovative new architecture that combines high-performance servers, high-speed networking, storage access, and virtualization. The combination of Oracle database clustering and Consummate Technologies helps to ensure high availability for all Oracle solutions.

Automatically configured through unified, profile-based management, Consummate Technologies helps your IT department:

Simplify the infrastructure

Virtualize applications

Improve business agility

Increase efficiency

Gain a single point of management

Oracle Middleware

Oracle Middleware The breadth and integration capabilities of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product suite can reduce the need for some in-house development, possibly speeding time to market. The suite has tools for integrating heterogeneous applications, automating processes, scaling applications and other tasks.

Development & Maintenance

Development of custom applications based on Oracle Java/J2EE, enterprise framework development, BPEL based workflows & interfaces, web-services/APIs development.

Service based integration, Enterprise Service Bus, Mobile Backends, Managed File Transfer, Event driven integrations and B2B exchanges.

End-to-end application support and maintenance services.

Migrate legacy applications to cutting edge Java/J2EE Oracle Platform.

Installations & Upgrades

Consummate Technologies provides the following Installations & Upgrades services for Oracle SOA products:

1. Installing software to build fresh environments.

2. HA deployment and clustering.

3. DR setup.

4. Upgrade existing software to newer releases.

5. Security and minor patch upgrades.

Operations & Support

1. Consummate Technologies provides the following Operations and Support services:

2. Environment Maintenance.

3. Application Monitoring.

4. Incident Management.

5. Change Management.

6. Root Cause Analysis.

Consummate Technologies specializes in the following Oracle Middleware products:

1. Oracle SOA Suite.

2. Oracle Service Bus.

3. Oracle WebLogic (Java/J2EE).

4. Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT).

5. Oracle BAM.

6. Oracle Enterprise Manager.

7. B2B Integration.

8. Coherence.

Consummate Technologies Middleware Services:

Consummate Technologies provide end-to-end Middleware services, helping you to make your business technology-driven and achieve increased profitability. Consummate Technologies offer a plethora of cost- effective services that seamlessly integrate all your business processes, applications and platforms to help you achieve reduced TCO and enhanced ROI.

1. SOA Services – assessing, designing, implementing, and support

2. Systems monitoring and Uptime management

3. Performance management and Fault management.

4. Resource management and Patch management.

5. Backup and Recovery management.

6. Security management and Space management.

7. Technical Support management and On Request activities.

8. Documents and Reports.

Oracle Products & Services

Consummate Technologies has a strong team of Oracle professionals that help customers transform their business by eliminating complexity and simplifying IT. Our unique blend of focused industry experience, deep technical expertise, and rich set of IP built on Oracle platform makes us the preferred partner for providing comprehensive Oracle services.

Consummate Technologies Focus

Consummate Tech's Oracle team has extensive experience across its focused industries - enabling us to know our clients' real problems, how their industry is transforming, and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

1. Automotive & Transportation.

2. Energy & Resources.

3. Consumer & Industrial Goods

4. High Tech

5. Life Sciences

6. Utilities

D EdwardsE-Business SuiteFusion MiddlewareSupply Chain Planning and OptimizationLogistics and ComplianceAgile Product Lifecycle ManagementCloudMaster Data Management Business Intelligence User Productivity Kit ServicesDBA

Service Offerings

The collective experience of our team of Oracle professionals is another reason that makes us the partner of choice for our customers. We help customers across the entire cycle, right from planning to implementation and support. Implement industry best practices and reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure with Consummate Tech's integrated offerings for Oracle.

1.JD Edwards

2.E-Business Suite

3.Fusion Middleware

4.Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

5.Logistics and Compliance

6.Agile Product Lifecycle Management


8.Master Data Management

9.Business Intelligence

10.User Productivity Kit Services






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