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Oracle Database

Recognised as the fast, reliable and secure database that helps users reduce IT cost without compromising on quality of service, the Oracle database is easy to manage and ideal for most company types. Users are able to consolidate their current environment and take their databases to the Oracle cloud, allowing for ease of use of all workloads including enterprise applications, data warehouse and big data analysis.

Consummate Technologies has a pool of experts in Oracle DBA with them to work as per the client requirement. With the help of our personalized services we will help the Oracle technology using organizations in securing your database. Oracle Database Administration is the most effective administration service which helps in maintaining secured and progressive database. Oracle Database Administration services are mostly includes regular backup,security and progressive. At Consummate Technologies we take care of all your Oracle Database concerns.


  • Installing, creating and upgrading an Oracle database service
  • Managing Database Storage
  • User security administration and implementing Oracle database security
  • Managing schema objects
  • Configuring Oracle Network Environment
  • Performing database backups and recovery

Big Data

  • Consummate Technologies is the top Big Data analytics service provider company helping clients capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data..
  • We help you to define a Big Data strategy and choose appropriate technologies that complement your existing data warehouse.
  • Our Big Data analytics help in analyzing the voluminous information to provide you the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. Our data scientists have a unique approach to develop solution that analyzes each piece of information before taking any critical business decision.
  • Oracle simplifies big data. Our big data solutions enable you to manage both traditional and new data sets on a single cloud platform. Connect to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and more than 2,000 software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Put your data to work with predictive analytics models, dashboards, and machine learning capabilities.
  • What Can Consummate Technologies Do with Oracle’s Big Data Platform?
  • Big data integration: – Bring in different types of data—from batch to streaming—and transform it so that others can consume it.
  • Big data management: – Store and process your data on a data lake more efficiently, securely, and reliably by using object storage instead of HDFS. Then integrate with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.
  • Big data analysis: – Uncover new insights with analytics and visualization and build models using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Big Data Integration - Bring all of the different types of data into your organization. Whether it’s data at rest or data in motion, internal data, or external data, all of your data must be moved and prepared so that others can consume it..
  • Big Data Management - The cloud offers a better data lake than the traditional, on-premises Hadoop approach. Replace MapReduce and HDFS with Apache Spark and object storage for a far superior data lake. You’ll gain increased agility, improved stability, and a lower cost of ownership.
  • Big Data Analytics - Whether it’s simple visualizations to powerful machine-learning algorithms, insights come when you apply the right analytics to all of your data. Make your data available to everyone, from executives using voice commands or data scientists using notebook technology.





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