CRM on Cloud

Cloud CRM

The term Cloud CRM software means different things to different people. CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management or the process by which you market, sell and provide service to your customers.  Today’s highly competitive landscape coupled with a difficult economic climate has many businesses looking at Customer Relationship Management software as tool to give them a competitive edge over their competition.

CRM software enables companies to more efficiently capture, track, manage and share information with the people and departments that need it to effectively do their jobs. This information is typically stored in a central customer database where it is immediately available to all authorized personnel.  Having immediate access to a complete customer profile has proven to significantly improve sales execution and customer service.

CRM software has been around for two decades, but began under the term contact management software. It evolved to include the automation of the sales process followed by software applications for improving and managing customer service.  As the CRM software applications matured so too has the technology or platform for how it is being delivered. CRM software was once only available on the desktop and required an IT infrastructure to manage and maintain the software.  Many of these desktop applications have now been migrated to the Internet and are offered as cloud CRM software. What companies find attractive about cloud based CRM software is that there is no hardware to purchase or software to maintain.  The software is delivered over the Internet as a service and may be accessed at anytime and anywhere via an Internet browser.  This eliminates the requirement for costly IT personnel and places the burden of support and maintainability of the CRM software with the third party solution provider. Cloud based CRM software essentially enables the customer to focus their energy on growing their business versus managing and maintaining computer software.