TimeSheet Management


Timesheet management is beneficial to employees and project managers can use the timesheets to track time spent on each task in a project. Customized timesheet periods help to assess the weekly, bi-weekly and monthly progress of an employee and the projects they are working on.

Timesheet approvals allow managers to assess the percentage completion of various tasks in a project and also gauge the input of each employee in the task. Keeping a track of the different projects an employee is involved in becomes very easy.

The billable hour’s input by an employee helps the company assess the intrinsic value of an employee, the value they add to the organization and thereby decide whether the employee is an asset to the organization.

Timesheets tailored as per your business needs
The more organized a time tracking process is, the more accurate timesheets are. Our timesheet management system is easy to set up and use. Our employee timesheet module enables HR department to easily manage, track and record timesheets. It also allows you to customize the process workflow as per your business requirements.

Flexible timesheet management
Now timesheet management is not that hectic as it used to be earlier. HR professionals don’t need to hop within spreadsheets anymore. Our timesheet management system allows you to access and submit timesheets from anywhere anytime even. It provides the flexibility to work from any location.

Smart time tracking and timesheet reports
Keep track of your employee work hours. Administer extra or less number of hours they have worked and pay them accordingly. Our timesheet management software empowers you to generate timesheet reports easily. Let the timesheet management be for any project, our web based timesheet management module makes it easy to manage, track and map all of them.

Timesheet Management Module features are:

  • View Timesheet
  • Multiple Approvals