Task Management


Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Task management can help either individual achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals. Tasks are also differentiated by complexity, from low to high.

Effective task management requires managing all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments, recurrence, dependency, notifications and so on. These can be lumped together broadly into the basic activities of task management.

Task management is a way of describing how you identify, monitor and progress the work that you need to do during the day. Generally we talk about ‘task management’ for things that relate to work life but you’ll also need to manage your home life activities and you can use similar tools.

Consider you are working in an organization with many employees. You are reporting persons of some of these employees and you have allocated tasks to some of these employees. Now as there are so many people working under you there is no way for you to track which task you have assigned to which employee and what is the deadline of that task completion.

The benefits of task management are:

  • You can see everything you are working on at once
  • You know what your priorities are
  • You know how much time you’ve got to do those tasks
  • You can group tasks together to work on similar things at the same time

Task Management Module highlights are:

  • Manage (Add, Edit & Delete) Projects
  • View All Projects
  • Manage (Add, Edit & Delete) Milestone according Projects
  • View All Milestone
  • Manage (Add, Edit & Delete) Task according Projects and Milestone
  • View All Task
  • Assign Task
  • View Assigned Task