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State Government:
More than ever, government IT leaders must help meet their states objectives of serving and protecting citizens, while delivering the transparency and accountability that citizens demand. Facing budget constraints, CIOs are under great scrutiny to spend effectively. They are also increasingly measured on project performance. Yet many state CIOs are dealing with fragmented, complex IT environments that ultimately stand in the way of delivering citizen-centric services.

The Consummate’s IT transformation strategy helps IT departments break down these barriers in order to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities and services. The three-phased approach simplifies, modernizes and innovates IT, and, ultimately, moves government forward.

Innovate to Accelerate Transformation
Embracing new trends and specialized equipment broadens IT capabilities, improves security, and boosts operational efficiency in order to deliver citizen-centric government services and meet overall state objectives.

  • Integrate multilevel security to prevent network attacks and protect intellectual property
  • Move noncritical applications and data to the cloud to reduce operating costs
  • Deploy e-government solutions to reach more people and streamline internal processes
  • Transform the way digital evidence is processed for quicker forensic analysis
  • Use government consulting to identify strategies for transformation that will lead to measurable results

Local Government
In addition to serving and protecting their citizens, local governments are tasked with enabling the convenient, cutting-edge delivery of government services that taxpayer's demand — all while dealing with decreasing budgets. To overcome these challenges, government leaders must look at areas, such as IT, where government can become more efficient. The Consummate’s IT transformation strategy provides services that help IT leaders to both simplify and modernize their IT infrastructures, rooting out costly inefficiencies and innovating to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities to citizens.


  • Digital Security Systems :Streamline the way digital evidence is processed, leading to quicker forensic analysis and criminal convictions. The Consummate Digital Security Solution is a suite of server, storage and software services designed to process and store digital forensic data while protecting the security and integrity of that data throughout its life cycle.
  • Data Centre Efficiency : Consolidate, optimize and modernize the IT infrastructure with Consummate solutions for data centre efficiency. Consummate helps IT leaders reduce carbon footprints, allocate computational power in real time when and where it's needed, and free personnel to collaborate wherever their jobs take them.


  • E-Government : Consummate understands the key IT challenges that can hamper your ability to improve service to constituents and interact with other agencies. We'll work with your agency to design and deploy e-government solutions that help you reach more people, streamline internal processes and show a measurable return on your investment.

E-Government has opened up new and better ways for government to serve its citizens. By giving people easy, on-demand access to services and information, governments have transformed how they interact with their citizens. But such a transformation entails challenges.

Consummate understands these concerns and works with government agencies to design and deploy e-government solutions that increase security, streamline internal processes and maximize manageability. And by deploying the Consummate customer-centred e-government model, agencies ensure citizens have a superior online experience.

The Consummate e-Government Solution is a combination of services and best practices that improve citizen access to government through the following:

  • Creation of tools and processes for citizen-centric government
  • Education Services
  • Health Services Utilities [Water, Electricity, etc…..]
  • Defence Services
  • Human Services Agencies Nonprofit Organization
  • Postal Agencies
  • Public Safety Agencies
  • Public Transportation
  • Revenue Agencies Customs Agencies
  • Immigration Agencies
  • Justice Agencies

The Consummate e-Government Solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Enables the integration of information and services by leveraging its experience, helping government leaders create best-in-class back-end processes to deliver great services.
  • Establishes a clear and coherent strategy for e-government that considers the state or city as a single entity and helps diverse agencies work together with the same standards, IT infrastructure and philosophy.
  • Provides the right level of security in the IT infrastructure, back-end processes and delivering technologies such as Web-based tools or mobile devices that enable privacy and the ability to share and integrate data.
  • Creates new models of service delivery such as dynamic Web solutions that reduce public servants workload, eliminate or reduce paperwork, and provide more time for planning and strategic work to be done.