Exam Process: If any college is going to take admission of students then first step for admission is to conduct the entrance exam. Exam conducted for the admission process can be organize by two methods:

  • Manual process of exam
  • Online entrance exam

Manual process of exam: In manual process of exam applicants approach the exam centre and give the exam. In manual process applicant give the exam at OMR.

Report List of Applicants for Centre:It gives the report list of whole applicant for a particular centre.

  • To view the report list of the applicant for the centre first enter the exam name and course name for which we are viewing the report list
  • Then select the city and centre for which we want to view report list of Applicants. When the controller fill the exam name, course name, select city, select centre and then click, after click it will show the report list of the applicants for a centre to whom this centre is allocated.
  • When the applicants give the exam then the controller can view the results of the applicant to declare and for the counselling process.
  • Result of applicant from sheet: The applicant's answer of the questions are given on the OMR sheet so by scanning this result will be entered in the excel sheet and then fetch this excel sheet in the web page. After this the result of the applicants will be displayed

Online Exam Process:
In online exam process first the exam controller organizes the exam as declare the exam, link the centres, link the category, link the exam paper and also declare the result date for online exam. As the time begins for test the timer starts the exam and when the time is over it show's time up.
  • Online entrance exam:
    In online entrance exam process after taking their admit card, applicant has to click on the link ‘Entrance Exam’. In this link applicant has to select the exam for which he is giving the exam and then enter his roll no, so after entering roll no it will show the question paper with instruction. Applicant started exam and after end time link is closed by showing the result declaration date.
  • As applicant submits the paper after completion this link closes. Now applicant has to enter his roll no for viewing his result. But he can only view after the declaration of result. Before it applicant cannot view his result.


  • Teachers can Create/ Update/View Tests (Objective & Subjective) for a particular class & subject:
    • New Question
    • Question Bank (Old Questions)
    • Question Paper Bank (Old Question Papers)
  • Teacher can update the Question Paper n number of times & once it is finalized then the Question Paper goes to the Question Paper Bank and it can be changed. Same thing applies for the Question also.
  • Teacher can assign a particular Question Paper (for a class & subject) to any section of a particular class only once.
  • Declaration of Exam Date is done for a particular class, section & subject for which the Question Paper is assigned.
  • Mail will be Sent to all the Students for that particular class & section
  • Students will be able to login for viewing & giving the Test only after the start date & time of the Exam and will be able to view & give till the end date & time.
  • Random Test Generation: In case of Objective Test Random Test Generation of Questions is possible i.e. as soon as the student logins for their respective Test each one of them will get a different Question Paper, as the Questions in the Question Paper will be picked up randomly from the Question Bank.
  • Questions Severity Level : In case of Random Test Generation Teachers can fix the number of questions under different levels of severity (For Ex: Total-50: High-10, Medium-15, Low-25)
  • Auto Save : Students answers will keep on Saving automatically after every 2 mins once he/she is giving the Online Test (Objective & Subjective).
  • Auto Submission : As soon as the Test Time gets over and even if the student has not submitted his test paper, then also the Test will get automatically submitted.
  • Online Assessment : Once all the Test papers are submitted, teachers will be able to :
    • Check the Tests in case of Subjective Test
    • View Results in case of Objective Test
  • Test Result Declaration: After Checking the Tests Teacher has to declare the results, till that time students will not be able to View their results.


  • The tests have a positive impact on children’s growth as they experience real learning of their aptitude in a very convenient way
  • Tests immediately available : Perfect for a time crunch!!
  • Create administrators, Teachers and students each with their own roles
  • Accurate :No more hand-scoring errors
  • Convenient : Tests are automatically scored and results are processed more easily.Advanced reporting provides more information