Writing student reports is a time-consuming task with many opportunities for error but the Education MIS Report Generator takes much of the stress out of the operation. It creates useful and impressive reports every time and its flexible and fully user-definable layout is completely adaptable to a school's requirements.
The module offers the easy accessibility of the report to Students & parents. Information is drawn directly from the central database so it is accurate and immediate and there is no duplication of work. Learners' personal details, examination results, scores, or any required details can be entered automatically in a fraction of the time needed to produce a traditional report and with far fewer discrepancies.


Report Generation

Broadly speaking a Report Generator is an application whose purpose it is to take data from a source and then use it to produce a document in a format which satisfies a particular human readership.
Report generation functionality is almost always present in database systems, where the source of the data is the database itself.
Choosing the right kind of report generation strategy decides the success of the application in terms of cost and performance. Picking the right kind of reporting tools also plays a significant role in deciding the scalability and cost of the system. Selecting the best out of these tools is a crucial decision. Education Cloud reporting service is one of the best reporting tools.
There are many ways to look at your data. – For instance if you have a collection of marks of students, you may want to show the marks according to the highest scorers in the class.
Average marks per student, or the total for a given class. Education Cloud Report generator can create number of logical views of relational data. It makes your data more useful by letting you see it from different perspectives.


  • Report Module provides to create report dynamically.
  • Each of the given module/components has a View Section which is actually a report section for that module.
  • Generic Report can be generated dynamically for various modules depending upon the linking between the tables.
  • User can also view only particular columns in the report.


  • Administration can generate report dynamically for various modules depending upon the linking between the tables.
  • Easy access from any location
  • Single-entry data reduces errors
  • Reports based on accurate student records and assessment.
  • Fully designable layout gives best possible presentation.
  • Option to include any stored data.
  • Reports available online for parents and pupils.