Academic counselling is the responsibility of the Principal and the Education Coordinator who directs students to courses that are relevant to their potential career ambitions. Particular problems are dealt with by teacher-parent conferences. Parents are involved throughout the counselling process.

Consummate provides a thorough College and career-counselling programme, beginning with interests and aptitude based ranking of the students. The guidance counsellors can guide the students to discuss the application process,available courses according to their rank and the differences in approach and demands of the various college systems.

  • To call the applicants for Counselling first controller has to view the results of the applicants, according to that applicants will be called for the Counselling Schedule.
  • In Counselling schedule controller has to create the Counselling schedule after the result declaration according to the ranks.
  • Then select the rank up to which they are calling for Counselling, example from rank 1-80 rank in first Counselling and in second Counselling from 81- 150,then mention the start date and end date of the Counselling for all the scheduled Counselling process.
  • Then mention the start time and end time for the Counselling schedule.

Link Counselling-Centre:
Controller is going to conduct an online Counselling process, so they have to require setup a link between Counselling process and centre.
  • After creating Counselling schedule and linking the Counselling schedule with centres. The controller and applicants can view the Counselling schedule.
  • Both controller and applicants can view the Counselling schedule by selecting the exam name for which they want to view.

  • Counselling Process:
  • After the Counselling process Starts at a given date and applicants who are called for Counselling process will assemble at the Counselling centre. Applicant will click on the Counselling link that is given at the home page of the college web page and then the Counselling is started.
  • Then Applicant has to assign the college in which he wants to take admission and the related branch in that college. First applicant has to assign his first preference of college and then assign the branch in that college or if want to unassigned click on unassigned, after first preference applicant will assign the second college and then select the branch in that college and submit his preferences.
  • When applicants have entered their preferences then the controller has to assign the Seats to the applicants as per their rank and category.

Allocate Seat:
  • Allocate seat option is done after the Counselling process is completed for a first round then for other round.

Applicant View the Allocated College:
  • First the controller allocates the college to the applicants after that applicant can view the allocated college and branch to them. For this they go at the allocated college link and enter their exam name for which the seats and their roll no are allocated .

Seat Status:
  • After allocation of seats to the applicant, those who are in the first Counselling then the other applicants who have the Counselling at other date can view the seat status. Applicants can view the college availability and the branch in that college.


We help you shortlist courses that match your requirements and are suited to your profile and based on your rank. Applying to different school and colleges is not a cake walk; the admission process is an elaborate one with various parameters attached to it. However, once you're with us, we ensure that the admissions process becomes as painless and hassle-free for you as possible. Our comprehensive database ensures scientific school selection that is customized to your requirements. From choosing the suitable colleges, to taking care of your entire application process, we remain with you, until you secure admission.

Following are some of our most distinctive features:-
  • All Counselling is provided online, so that we can help you that you do not face any problems even if you're located very far from Counselling centre.
  • Records are provided under a strict privacy policy and with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Declare Counselling Schedule
  • Link Counselling Schedule centre
  • View Counselling Schedule
  • Allocation of Seats to the Applicants
  • Applicants can view the college availability and the branch in that college.


  • Ensures every student receives the benefit of the counselling program by designing counselling schedule in different sessions.
  • Monitors seat allocation status to facilitate student to have admission in desired college.
  • Ensures equitable access to counselling guidance.
  • Provides data for continuous information on student progress.
  • Ensures every student receives the updated information of the entire counselling process.