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Oracle Cloud Migration

There are numerous reasons as to why migrating to Oracle Cloud could enhance and better your business. If you find yourself facing any of the following issues, you have a business case to migrate into Oracle Cloud.

  • You are going live with a new application.
  • You’re experiencing poor application performance during peak trading.
  • You are struggling to scale at the same pace as your business’s demand.
  • Competitors are able to react quicker to consumer demands.
  • You have aging hardware and struggling to cope with business demand.
  • Higher costs from managing and maintaining your infrastructure internally.
  • High OPEX & CAPEX business expense.
  • You have concerns over your data security.
These are the most common issues that businesses face on a regular basis. Migrating to Oracle Cloud can help resolve these problems.

Benefits of Migrating to Oracle Cloud

There are numerous reasons as to why business migrate to Oracle Cloud, the list below highlights the main reasons why:

  • Complete
  • Secure
  • Open
  • Choice
  • Intelligent

Migrating to Cloud can help reduce costs, such as: lower infrastructure costs, resource costs and start-up costs. Cloud also gives you the scalability factor. A Cloud environment is incredibly flexible, in terms of storage and costs, and this gives you scalability as you can expand your cloud around your business needs.

Migrating to Cloud also reduces a level of risk due to data security options and disaster recovery. Security is therefore enhanced on the Cloud as there is controlled access which restricts access to your data, this can also cause less human error. Downtime can also be reduced if not eliminated completely when migrating to Cloud, due to the fact that Cloud Servers can adapt to your business needs if there is an influx of activity the servers can expand rapidly to prevent any crashes.