Mr. Subhash Agrawal

Board of Directors: S.K. Modi Group India
Salesforce Company India
Mr. Subhash Agrawal is an Indian resident and is a graduate in Bachelors of Technology from Indian Institute Of Technology, New Delhi in the year 1969.He completed a course in applications of computers in Project management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He also completed a professional course in “Computer skills for Senior Managers” from NIIT, Delhi.

Presently Mr. Agrawal is managing a Modi Group’s highly profit oriented company dealing in deemed export products. With his highly technical and commercial skills he could project the brand image of the products in the International markets very successfully.

Widely traveled round the Globe he is also involved in one of the Modi Group’s grass root project involving a capital outlay of about US$ 200 Million with foreign equity and technical collaboration.