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Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Java. This reference will take you through simple and practical approaches while learning Java Programming language.
The latest release of the Java Standard Edition is Java SE 8. With the advancement of Java and its widespread popularity, multiple configurations were built to suit various types of platforms. For example: J2EE for Enterprise Applications, J2ME for Mobile Applications.
The new J2 versions were renamed as Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME respectively. Java is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere.

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Java Capabilities

At Consummate Technologies, we possess considerable experience in Java(J2EE, J2ME) software development and extend our Java web & software development services to enable significant growth in your businesses. We leverage the capabilities of modular approach of J2EE platform to develop client centric software solutions. We have a division for J2ME based mobile application development, assuring smaller development cycles and quicker time to market.

Java (J2EE/J2ME) Application Development Services :

  • Java (J2EE/J2ME) Based Solutions
  • Java (J2EE/J2ME) Web Application Development Services
  • Distributed Programming
  • Restful API
  • Cloud Solutions & Integration
  • IoT & Embedded Systems
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • CRM/ERP/Custom Development
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
  • Migration of Customer’s Software Solutions to Java/J2EE Platform
  • Migration of Customer’s Application Servers to Java/J2EE Platform
  • Offshore Java Development Outsourcing
  • Consulting Services on Java-Based Software Development
  • WebRTC(Real Time Communication) Integration

Java Team

Consummate Technologies has a perfectly balanced professional team of enthusiastic Professionals, IT analysts, business analysts, software architects, programmers, developers, testers, QA engineers, and maintenance staff, forming a network of intelligent people passionate about ensuring clients’ success.

  • Highly Qualified and Certified Java Professionals.
  • Consummate Technologies Java Team’s Experience ranges from 1 - 10 years.
  • Java Team Focuses on High Quality and Timely Deliverables.
  • Java Team is available 24 * 7.
  • Java Team is Energetic, Enthusiastic and ready to face New Business & Technology challenges.


  • Java offers higher cross- functionality and portability as programs written in one platform can run across desktops, mobiles, embedded systems.
  • Java is free, simple, object-oriented, distributed, supports multithreading and offers multimedia and network support.
  • Java is a mature language, therefore more stable and predictable. The Java Class Library enables cross-platform development.
  • Being highly popular at enterprise, embedded and network level, Java has a large active user community and support available.
  • Unlike C and C++, Java programs are compiled independent of platform in bytecode language which allows the same program to run on any machine that has a JVM installed.
  • Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse SDK and NetBeans which have debugging capability and offer integrated development environment.
  • Increasing language diversity, evidenced by compatibility of Java with Scala, Groovy, JRuby, and Clojure.
  • Relatively seamless forward compatibility from one version to the next.
  • Java has the feature of Stack allocation system. It helps the data to be stored and can be restored easily.
  • The capability for a program to perform several tasks simultaneously within a program.
  • The Java language, compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were each developed with security in mind.
  • Designed to make distributed computing easy with the networking capability that is inherently integrated into it.
  • Excellent multifunctional IDEs.
  • Large community of developers.


Java is an object oriented & platform independent language that is widely being used for web and enterprise applications. Java is opted for Internet solutions because of its cross-platform capabilities, ease of usage and security features and robustness.
With pool of talent, skills and expertise in Java, Oracle, Siebel, we timely deliver unique and quality solutions diversified domains and services as desired by the client

Java/ Oracle Services includes, Consulting, Implementations and Customizations –

  • Windows/ Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications (using Java & Oracle)
  • Siebel Applications
  • Integration of Java Application with other Disparate Systems

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Java Capabilities:

- Core Java
- JUnit
- Hibernate
- Eclipse/NetBeans
- Tomcat/Weblogic
- Jasper Reports

  • Core Java:

    Java is a computer programming language. It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands instead of having to write in numeric codes. It’s known as a high-level language because it can be read and written easily by humans. Like English, Java has a set of rules that determine how the instructions are written. These rules are known as its syntax. Once a program has been written, the high-level instructions are translated into numeric codes that computers can understand and execute.There are many features and Principles of java :-

    Ease of Use: The fundamentals of Java came from a programming language called C++. Although C++ is a powerful language, it is complex in its syntax and inadequate for some of Java's requirements. Java built on and improved the ideas of C++ to provide a programming language that was powerful and simple to use.

    Reliability:  ava needed to reduce the likelihood of fatal errors from programmer mistakes. With this in mind, object-oriented programming was introduced. When data and its manipulation were packaged together in one place, Java’s was robust.

    Security: As Java was originally targeting mobile devices that would be exchanging data over networks, it was built to include a high level of security. Java is probably the most secure programming language to date.

    Platform Independence: Programs need to work regardless of the machines it is being executed on. Java was written to be a portable language that doesn't care about the operating system or the hardware of the computer or device it is running on.

      Versions of java:

    - JDK 1.0 (January 23, 1996)
    - JDK 1.1 (February 19, 1997)
    - J2SE 1.2 (December 8, 1998)
    - J2SE 1.3 (May 8, 2000)
    - J2SE 1.4 (February 6, 2002)
    - J2SE 5.0 (September 30, 2004)
    - Java SE 6 (December 11, 2006)
    - Java SE 7 (July 28, 2011)
    - Java SE 8 (March 18, 2014)
    - Java SE 9 (September 21,2017)
    - Java SE 10 (March 2018)
    - Java SE 11 (September 2018)
    - Java SE 12 (March 2019)

      User Experience:

    - Targeting the Security and effeciency
    - “Write once, run anywhere”

      User Adoption:

    - Business Alignment
    - Training
    - Performance and Measurement
    - Reinforcement
    - Project Team Technical and Functional Training